Startup Weekend Ensenada Mexico 2016: E-commerce & WineTech


We've got a first-of-it's-kind event for our sponsorship desk: Esenada Startup Weekend, a hackathon that hopes to revolutionize the world of wine industry e-commerce. With 54 hours to plan, code and innovate, participants from business, development and design will give life to technology-based solutions for the wine industries in North America. They have classic white stickers with their event branding in green and brown, with a shoutout to their title sponsor Google for Entrepreneurs. It's always cool to be grouped with such awesome sponsors for these tech community events.

The goal is to assess ideas in modernization and development for the winemaker industry, from its first stage in the field, the collection process, vinification, bottling, distribution and sale. Teams will be seeking to improve processes and generate innovation for wine, which we support wholeheartedly with our custom label products.

Thanks to the organizers and everyone who mentored and attended, and your friends in Colorado wish you happy hacking. Learn more about Up Ensenada on their page.