ICON's Complete USA RV Travel Map Gives Their Customers a Storytelling Sticker


Icon Technologies Limited (Icon Direct) started operations in 1998. From the start, their goal has been to provide innovative custom thermoformed solutions to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) customers. By focusing on that objective, Icon has grown and consistently brought business and welcomed travelers to their home base in Winkler, Manitoba, Canada.

At Icon, they like to say they have "two spirits." One is dedicated to helping their customers enhance the functionality and practicality of their OEM products through the use of thermoformed and rotational molded plastic parts. The other is dedicated to supplying quality RV products through a strong international network of RV aftermarket distributors. Their top products are Fender Skirts, Wind Deflectors, Waste Holding Tanks, Skylights, Air Conditioner Shrouds and Fresh Water Tanks, Bathroom and Kitchen parts, Step Trims and they have other specialty products for RV'ers to customize and repair their rigs.

"Our core competency in thermoforming and rotational molding is complemented by strong abilities in innovative design, manufacturing ideas and low-cost prototyping," says Jordan, Marketing Director of Icon. "This enables us to provide complete solutions that greatly simplify our customers’ development processes. An efficient integration of product development capabilities, verification and advanced manufacturing methods ensure that our products will be built to last, and that's really important when you're out on the road in your RV."


Designing a Custom RV Sticker Sheet

To give an added value to their customers, Icon printed up a custom RV sticker set that's a base map of the United States with peel off states featuring custom illustrations. This particular project features a unique use of StickerGiant's sticker sheet product plus our clear sticker product, with a total of four 7 x 14 stickers coming together to make one beautiful map.


To create the base map, there are two clear stickers that fit together, and then the peel off state stickers that fill in the the United States map are on two separate glossy die cut sheets. This overall use of a clear base map and die cut stickers really maximizes the design area and sticker real estate and allows for an RV enthusiast to apply easily and have . "I love to do illustrations, and this project provide a unique challenge to fit everything together on the map," says Liliana, graphic designer at Icon. "These are all custom illustrations, so we had come up with a concept and actually it was a bit hard to just come up with one or two elements per state because some states are so interesting."