Keep Your Feet on the Ground with Ganja Grip


For decades, skateboarding has been an underground culture in America and has only started to recently see more mainstream coverage thanks to events like the X Games and poster boy skater dudes like Tony Hawk. On the other hand, the marijuana culture has been enjoying newfound fame, as well, especially as more states legalize. Ganja Grip has masterminded the collision of the two sub-culture industries, and the results are fantastic.

It's one thing to cater to either marijuana or skateboarding individually, but combining them into a singular brand is just a stroke of creative genius. Ganja Grip specializes in some of the best grip tape you can buy for your board, and keeps true to growing their brand by offering up other goodies, too, like t-shirts, hoodies and stickers, of course. When it comes to getting the word out about your effective awesomeness among those in the know, there's no better way than with a sweet sticker! At least, we think so.

Ganja Grip has engineered a sick logo that stands out from the crowd, with lower case cursive letters lazily curving under the leaf dots. These stickers are great for slapping on your board, your car or your best friend - wherever there's a need, there's a sticker for that. Awesome job, guys!

Want to get your own sweet stickers like the dudes from Ganja Grip? Good idea! Click here to get started on custom logo stickers.