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Tagging with Paintballs and Stickers


SoCal Paintball Meetup is getting people together to hit the field to play pure paintball and tag stickers to gather newcomers. Getting tagged with a sticker is nothing compared to the sting of a paintball. Trust us. Our employees know a thing or two about sticker tagging but there is no armor required.

SoCal Paintball Meetup is for experienced paintballers and people just getting started in the sport. They schedule a variety of events in Bellflower, California and make sure teams are evenly matched for everyone to have fun.

"The purpose of our SoCal Paintball group is to unite people who want to play pure paintball. No drama is allowed. No wiping or bad attitude. Each event may be different from the last. Paintball + Good People = Great Time."

To grow the paintball group even more, they are tagging stickers to gain more interest. SoCal Paintball printed up some custom die cut stickers to show off their logo of a paintballer crouched in shooting position with their name and website listed. Stickers are a huge part of paintballing as people love to express themselves by tagging gear and equipment.

It's all about taking your passions and finding others with similar interests. Pull the trigger and get custom stickers to bring people together for fun and competition.

Longmont Sunrise Stampede 2016


This weekend the Longmont Sunrise Stampede will be hitting the road for a family-oriented 2-mile run/walk and a 10k run on a certified course. The Stampede has raised over $210,000 for the St. Vrain Valley School district. Race proceeds will fund classroom grants for students with special needs. It's part of the Four Race Series, a series of four local, unique, totally independent events work together to promote each other, and offer a nice raffle prize for the participants. They each have their own community feel, organizers and beneficiaries.

$1,000 prize to the winner of the raffle drawing, prize contributed by each of the four participating events. All finishers from all four events are put into the drawing. The more events you finish, the better the chance you have of winning.

We designed a fun event sticker sheet for them with small tear offs of shoes, a clock, a water bottle, a race bib number, and a fun inspirational phrase that says "Find Your Happy Pace." We also printed up their logo for their swag bags. Whether it's a custom logo sticker or a sticker sheet, StickerGiant is always ready to print up sweet event stickers.

West Coast Goalkeeping

West Coast Goalkeeping

No matter what level of soccer you play goalies have to be at their best in order for a team to win. Scoring goals is the name of the game and it's not easy to be on the other end of that. West Coast Goalkeeping is outfitting goalkeepers around the world with high-quality gloves for the ultimate assist.

West Coast Goalkeeping hails from the Pacific Northwest and is creating the best quality gloves for all goalkeepers no matter what level they are on. That means from a recreation league to the majors to overseas leagues, the same gloves are available. West Coast designs, tests and guarantees the quality of all their goalkeeping gloves.

They have a huge range of glove types for different preferences, color patterns to match team colors or just get some bright colored patterns. They promote their products by using various custom stickers of all different colors and types. The fun part of seeing a new sticker from West Cost Goalkeeping is how it matches the different new glove types they are launching.

Stand your ground with fun custom stickers for your sports equipment.

It's a Paintball Revolution

Paintball Revolution

The adrenaline and thrill of paintball still captures people across the world in the fun, paint splattered competitive environment. The Paintball Revolution is raging on with great paintball products and stickers to represent brands of the sport.

Paintball Revolution was founded on providing great service. When going to the local all-in-one type of store to browse a limited selection of paintball gear, there was a clear gap in getting what is needed. That's why Paintball Revolution was opened back in 2009 and since then they have become one of the largest paintball retailers in the United States.

Their paintball professionals have made it easy to stock up on all paintball needs. Their shop is ran in Valencia, California but they are shipping their products all over the USA and beyond. Paintball Revolution focuses on a friendly, helpful experience, even offering assistance expediting orders for those emergency supply drop needs.

Paintball Revolution continues to grow their brand on great prices and service, but they also add in custom logo stickers to keep the Paintball Revolution going strong.

Naturally, we will end with a segue into one of their action packed paintball videos:

Kick it with the Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC

Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC

Soccer is growing in popularity in the United States and it's evident through the development of new leagues and professional teams spreading across the country. It's a few weeks from the start of the 2016 season for the United Soccer League and the Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC are ready to kick it off.

The Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC organization was founded back in 2013 by Ed Ragain with the support of the Colorado Springs community. As the team was preparing for their start in 2015, the USL struck up a partnership with the MLS, Major League Soccer, to become an affiliate in developing teams. Both leagues operate under the umbrella of the United States Soccer Federation. In 2015, the Switchbacks FC joined 18 other teams in the USL and are awaiting 4 additional teams to join on.

A lot goes into setting up a new sports franchise, from stadium development, logo crest design and firing up a community to become fans. The Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC have been doing a lot of work to make the Switchbacks a household name and as part of that have designed some awesome premium clear decals with their crest to show off the team brand. In distributing these clear decals, they are engaging local businesses in Colorado Springs to show their support with the Switchbacks FC crest decal in their store windows and also to have fans put them on the back windshield of their cars.

Sports decals are a great way to get more fans and the community engaged with a team.

Accelerating with the Los Angeles Dodgers and R/GA

LA Dodgers Accelerator with R/GA

It's about time for baseball in the Fall. The time where everything is on the line and teams are fighting for that chance to get in the playoffs and bring home a World Series Title. The Los Angeles Dodgers are in a great spot to achieve that this season. Startups are always putting everything they have on the line for business success. These two worlds have collided with the Los Angeles Dodgers Accelerator with R/GA.

This is the first ever Los Angeles Dodgers Accelerator program and they are bringing together sports and technology by supporting startups. Here is the focus of the program in their own words:
The companies selected for the program include category leaders and the best emerging companies at the intersection of sports, technology, entertainment and media.

Leveraging the full resources of the LA Dodgers, its ownership and partner organizations, this program will provide unparalleled access to sports industry partnerships, distribution channels, and strategic support.

Building on the success of its recent R/GA Accelerator programs, R/GA+ will bring to this program its industry-leading strategic marketing, branding, design, and technology-focused methodology and agency services as well as its network of global brand leaders and industry partners.

The program has now selected ten companies for the program, that will culminate in a demo day on November 10th. Each startup receives $120,000 in funding, 80+ mentors from the Dodgers and R/GA, support from both companies, co-working space access and on-site experts.

To boost the recognition of the LA Dodgers Accelerator with R/GA. they designed custom logo stickers. The first of which took advantage of our custom shapes by keeping the cut around the historic Los Angeles Dodgers cursive logo. The circle log sticker is smaller with the sharp Dodger blue color and smaller brand for the accelerator program. Both are going to look great on laptops and notebooks as the program pushes forward.

Keep accelerating with custom logo stickers for your startup and educational programs.