Kentucky Royalty

Fueled by the Power of Alpaca - Kentucky Royalty

[Editor's Note: The website for Kentucky Royalty has gone dark, but we've preserved their sticker story for posterity.]

Like the Moscow Mule, Singapore Sling, and London Fog, the phrase "Kentucky Royalty" might make one think of a potent libation (bourbon) served in a fancy glass. But today's sticker story is about Kentucky Royalty, the sock company. Specifically, the sock company that's "fueled by the power of alpaca."
Dedicated to energizing lives through the superior effectiveness of alpaca-powered performance socks. Alpaca fleece is naturally hypoallegenic and extremely smooth to the touch. Unlike most fibers, alpaca fleece is hollow enabling maximum thermal capacity. It is also unusually strong and continues to insulate even when wet. We combine these naturally fabulous qualities of alpaca with the latest in sock technology, superior ingredients plus great design equals success. We buy all of our alpaca fleece from US family farms.  The fleece is spun and knitted into socks at US mills.

You know, an alpaca. That funny-looking taller-than-a-goat creature that looks like a camel crossed with the Shaggy D.A. No, you're thinking of a llama. Alpacas came from South America, but unlike their baggage-toting llama brethren, this camelid is bred for its coat, not its flesh. And they've got a sweet, cuddly temperament. Much less volatile than those perma-grumps, the dromedaries. What is it with those guys? All they do is chug water and gripe about the weather.