Hold still. Deep breath. Just because it's called Laestrygonia doesn't mean old Five-Eye up there is going to be mythically huge and life-threateningly dangerous. Oooh, or does it?
Laestrygonia is a great new band based out of Geneva, NY. The exciting thing about these guys that you notice upon first listen, is the originality they are bringing to the table. Opting to not include a vocalist, the band plays a very aggressive brand of progressive instrumental metal. This format of music can bring out the best in the collective musicianship of a band, and Laestrygonia is definitely capable of creating some big noise within the scene. -Erik Jensen,

So....what we have here is a band of 4 nice young boys from upstate New York who read a lot and play nice music they like to call progressive instru-metal. True, things can get a little loud, but a giant sound is just about right, innit?

Whew! All that worry for naught: It's only prog metal! Could have been worse...just ask Odysseus.