Laptop Sticker By Collective Conformity Tells It Like It Is


Collective Conformity is an information security-based sticker and apparel company that's just getting off the ground, and they've brought us this LAPTOP STICKER that really says it all.

Printed on our matte finished die cut sticker product, this concept is the perfect entry into the retail space for this new brand. It's an iconic, simple sticker that means what it says and knows what it wants.

"The inspiration came from all the stickers we’ve collected over the years at various conferences," says Jose Mejia, one of the people behind Collective Conformity. "The stickers currently are for sale at our Etsy shop and will also be sold at DEF CON 27, which is one of our yearly gatherings for the industry."

The stickers were originally made to sell at the cyber security conference, and Mejia decided to also sell the stickers online to help them fund more sticker designs. This way, they can eventually sell more information security-based stickers and apparel through their company.

As they say on their product page, this design lets you show off a minimalist style with a sticker that is what it says it is, without compromising style.
"We hope to help fund more designs with this first sticker, and we love the matte finish and simplicity of the design." -Joe Mejia, Collective Conformity

More about building a business around stickers

A sticker is a great way to add a product into your matrix of options as a business. We provided hundreds of businesses with stickers that they sell at the point of purchase or in an online retail space. Other customers use stickers to build brand loyalty by including a sticker in each box they send out, as a special bonus for their customers. Stickers can go anywhere. They're light and easily packaged, and they are an immediate joy for those that receive them, whether it's a giveaway or something they purchase.