Lather Up! Everyone Needs a Little Fuzzy Shake


You'll just have to bear with me on this one, kids ...
Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear. Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair.

But he just sat there.

He didn't move. He didn't wiggle.

For three days and nights, his hair magically grew.

All to give a child a giggle.

I woke up late. My mind was fuzzy.

You know how it is.

Last night was a duesie ...

Please don't complain that my rhyming skillz aren't mad

At least your Mom didn't make you wash with a bear-shaped Brillo pad.

Take a look at this Fuzzy Shake sticker. It's chock full 'o furry creatures rendered with eye-popping color. Our digital printing press nearly exploded with awwwwwwwwsomeness when these critters rolled off the line. King's crowns, traffic cones, propeller beanies, super heros, pirates, Mr. Potato Head, and a dancing banana ... they all love to do the Fuzzy Shake.

Good luck finding a package of Fuzzy Wuzzy bath soap these days. Oh sure, you'll find plenty of algorithmically derived Internet advertisements touting the magical soap, but they all lead to nowheresville ...