Laughing Giraffe Books Brings Smiles for Miles


Have you ever heard the sound a giraffe makes? It's not pretty, and can be rather terrifying at first listen, sort of like a cross between a yowling dog and a cat in heat. There's a reason that animal noise isn't on a Speak 'n Say, as teaching children to imitate the giraffe will only bring on untold amounts of headaches.

Laughing Giraffe Books, however, embraces the giraffe's weirdness to teach children about reading, the most important skill you can have. Founded in 2011 by a reading specialist and mom of two little girls, the goal was to create a resource for parents to help them purchase books that will help foster a lifetime of learning with young children. You can buy a collection of books geared specifically towards a certain theme, or search books according to reading level. From infants to chapter readers, there is an abundance of material to choose from, guaranteeing your little ones will never be bored.

Much like the company itself, their sticker is simple and uncomplicated. White background, blue giraffe and company name - beauty in its finest form. It's easy to children to understand, and what kid doesn't love a sticker?

Watch founder Alexandra Morrill give you an intro to Laughing Giraffe Books, then click here to see how you can start a lifetime of fun with your own sticker collection.