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Vann & Becky reward Kickstarter backers with custom sticker sheets


Vann & Becky have funded their first self-published children's book "Vann the Artist: Paints a Necklace," a story about a child artist, and a kiss cut sticker helps tell more of their story.

Their Kickstarter campaign has raised more than their goal, and now it's time for a custom sticker sheet to reward all of their fans. After all, they raised $5,058 pledged from a $4,750 goal, with 143 backers supporting their book printing and shipping costs. The main character, Vann, paints colorful beads, with animals on them, to make a necklace for her friend.

With a sticker sheet you get the option to include a few different designs, and this sheet has four fun animals that peel off, and the duo's logo along with some background elements that are part of the remaining sheet.

About Vann & Becky

Vann and Becky are sisters-in-law, and they are both creative people. Becky is the writer and Vann is the illustrator. Becky wanted to write a children's book while on maternity leave, and she found inspiration in her sister-in-law who is an artist with an online shop for her creations. Vann's signature piece is her hand-painted necklace, which is where the main character Vann takes her name and style.

As Becky started writing the story, she built out the rhymes and decided to incorporate education as well. Once the story was written, Vann helped flesh out the characters. Her talented artwork is displayed in quirky characters, bright colors, and an ability to bring the story to life.

The book is full of vibrant colors, and characters that are loaded with personality. The book also includes educational undertones (that all parents love) with emphasis on colors, animals and counting to the number 5. It features a rhyming storyline that keeps it fun and engaging.

Rewarding loyal fans

What better way to show your love for your fans than a custom sticker sheet, in this case a sheet of whimsical designs that are like those found in the book from Vann & Becky. When supporters back a Kickstarter campaign, they want what they've pledged, of course, but it's alway fun to go the extra mile and say thanks for the support. Whether it's a custom logo sticker or a sticker sheet.

The Pop Heard Around the World

A Secret History of the Ollie

The ollie was a revolutionary part of skateboarding. It's influence on the sport can be seen in skate parks around the world today. The origins of this trick and how it got started are written out in A Secret History of the Ollie by Craig B. Snyder.

Most of us have heard of the Dogtown start to skateboarding and the skate scene of California, but this book dives into the story behind what took place in Hollywood, Florida where a no hands trick would forever change skate culture. The short synopsis on A Secret History of the Ollie reads:
"Every culture has a creation myth, and skateboarding is no different. The Ollie forged a new identity for skateboarding after its invention in the 1970s, and it lies at the root of nearly every significant move in street skating today. This groundbreaking no-handed aerial has also affected the evolution of surfing and snowboarding, and has left a permanent impression upon popular culture and language. This is the story of the Ollie, the technology that set the stage for its creation, the pioneers who made it happen, and the skaters who used it to start a revolution."

In bringing this book to light, Craig Snyder has been behind the writing, publishing and photography in the book. He got it's support from a succesful Kickstarter campaign with a video detailing out the book's message, offerings and different buy in tiers for backers.

You can't have a book about skate culture without stickers though, skate culture and sticker culture are consonant together. A Secret History of the Ollie book included custom stickers of the book's cover art included with the first pledge tier for Kickstarter backers. These circle stickers are perfect for skaters to add to their helmets, boards or other sticker collections to show they now have the knowledge of history that Craig Snyder has shared with us.

We would also like to point out that the Ollie was literally the "kick starter" of the street skating culture.

Custom stickers are a great way to campaign new products, books, films and even a political run.

Once Upon a Time... Bobbledy Books

Bobbledy Books

Once upon a time there was a happy couple with three kids who lived in a barn. The couple did everything together, including their work. Both were creative, one with words and one with illustrations. Together, they created Bobbledy Books, their own company making a variety of books for adults and children alike.

Bobbledy Books is Matthew Swanson and Robbi Behr. This husband and wife duo do it all, with Matthew having the expertise in writing and Robbi illustrating. They have a lot of cool products from different types of books, music, baby stuff, and posters.

As all of us in writing know, sometimes you hit a wall. Matthew and Robbi decided when they hit a wall to create a book where the reader decides the story. They created a Make-Your-Own Book with a sticker sheet and fill in the blank approach to story telling. The sticker sheet has bubble sayings, different things and items, all custom shaped, to help you piece together your own story with stickers! How awesome is that?

There really is no wrong way to use a sticker, unless __________. (Fill in your own story on that one).

Every sticker has a story, get crafty on your next project today and try out a custom sticker sheet.

Kitchsy Cat is the Kid's Meow

Kitschy Cat used StickerGiant stickers to help their Kickstarter campaign

Who knew that twenty pounds of concrete, a little bit of paint and several decades of care could result in such awesomeness? Nancy McKibben certainly didn't, but here we are, a good ways in to 2014 and Kitschy Cat has been borne out of an antique store find and lots of love.

Nancy's granddaughter fell in love with the kitschy little kitten that was an adorable find at a local antique shop, and the light bulb of an idea was officially switched on. Why not make Kitschy Cat available for everyone to love and adore, and in a cute collectible way, too? From there, the idea was off and running.

Kitschy Cat is featured on every page of this delightful alphabet postcard book, with plenty of reasons to stay in touch with the little ones in your life. Simply send the covers and initial postcard to the special little in your life, then give them a reason to look forward to receiving mail! There are 26 postcards, one for each letter of the alphabet - when all of the cards have been mailed, your child, grandchild or other special little one will have a custom-made book full of your correspondence. How cool is that?

Nancy launched a Kickstarter campaign in October to help take Kitschy Cat public, and one of her funding perks was a sticker set featuring the adorable kitten made by none other than yours truly! Yes, StickerGiant played a small hand in the campaign's funding success, and that just makes us feel good. The Kitschy Cat stickers are bright, vibrant and altogether reminiscent of Warhol's better days - a great sticker that goes just about anywhere your little one could imagine!

Even if you're not running a campaign, you can still get in on some sweet sticker deals! Have our Sticker Experts help you craft the best stickers in the biz.



Laughing Giraffe Books Brings Smiles for Miles


Have you ever heard the sound a giraffe makes? It's not pretty, and can be rather terrifying at first listen, sort of like a cross between a yowling dog and a cat in heat. There's a reason that animal noise isn't on a Speak 'n Say, as teaching children to imitate the giraffe will only bring on untold amounts of headaches.

Laughing Giraffe Books, however, embraces the giraffe's weirdness to teach children about reading, the most important skill you can have. Founded in 2011 by a reading specialist and mom of two little girls, the goal was to create a resource for parents to help them purchase books that will help foster a lifetime of learning with young children. You can buy a collection of books geared specifically towards a certain theme, or search books according to reading level. From infants to chapter readers, there is an abundance of material to choose from, guaranteeing your little ones will never be bored.

Much like the company itself, their sticker is simple and uncomplicated. White background, blue giraffe and company name - beauty in its finest form. It's easy to children to understand, and what kid doesn't love a sticker?

Watch founder Alexandra Morrill give you an intro to Laughing Giraffe Books, then click here to see how you can start a lifetime of fun with your own sticker collection.

Foodist Stickers: Absolutely Scrumptious!


What if you could simply change what you're eating to "use real food and real science to lose weight, without dieting?"

That's the premise behind Darya Pino Rose's highly-acclaimed new book, Foodist.

It's all about loving food. The right foods. At the right times.

No more sacrifice. No more deprivation.

As Dara explains in this trailer, "Foodist will help you stop dieting and start living."

Well-designed stickers are thin, delicious, and a great way to promote just about anything ... even books!

Stickers slip weightlessly into envelopes and between pages. They bring delight to fans. They stick around long after the press release has been filed.

Foodist's stickers are especially delightful, with scrumptious colors and a delightful die-cut outline. Take a gander at that sans serif logo and you can't help but think of fresh leafy greens, plump ripe tomatoes, vitamin c-packed oranges, and a delicious bunch of grapes. It's a meal and a sticker, all in one!