Lucky Franc's Glossy Labels Help Brand Their Classic Men's Care Products


Lucky Franc's is a family owned business based in Pittsburgh that provides best classic men's products, from pomade to beard combs. To match their high quality aesthetic, they chose glossy white labels to brand their various products.

They make what they call a "Classic 1920's" oil based hair pomade, mustache wax, natural horn beard combs, and gifts can transition from the board room to a rock concert. And they are not settling with just these offerings, as new products are in the works.

Founded in 2016, Lucky Franc's is committed to their customers, mindful of the planet, and loyal to their employees. Check out some of the videos on their press page for more, and take a longer look at the various products in their shop.

More about Glossy White Labels

Our Glossy White Labels are great for all sorts of applications that need that extra shine, and they are designed for indoor use, just like how our friends at Lucky Franc's employ their labels. For a product like Lucky Franc's beard oil, which is, naturally oily, a glossy label is the perfect fit because is resists both water and oil. A pomade is likely to be applied at the bathroom sink, where water is ever-present, and for their wax products, this label will stand up after many uses.

The lamination gives your product a bonus shine, where it will stand out on the store shelf. When it comes to applying these labels, the round corners mean, it peels and applies with ease. The best part? Once you've labeled your product, the edges won't start to curl.

Custom shapes are our specialty, and we offer free kiss cuts for all of our glossy white labels. Lucky Franc's went with a classic circle shape, which is perfect for their products, but some brands want to showcase their logo or they have a product that allows for a different type of shape.

We offer our labels printed just the way you need them, with the option to choose your copy position to make it easier for you if you use a label applicator. The standard way we finish our labels is on rolls without perforations, but we do some very cool perforations for product labels too. We have product label customers in many industries, including craft brewing, honey, medical products and the personal care industry, and there are more than those uses for glossy labels to choose from.