Necessity is the Mother of Invention When it Comes to Stickers

code poet stickers and schwag stickergiant

Yes, that is a whole lot of brand schwag by Code Poet and it’s magical. Not that promotional items have any special powers, but because they show the creative edge some companies have when marketing their products. This pile of fun is awaiting a weekend of WordCampers and Code Poet has built a loyal following of WordPress enthusiasts by enticing fans with branded goodies like those shown above.

When trying to market with your stickers – whether it be for a brand, an event, a funny slogan/hashtag or a product – there are tried-and-true methods of collecting fan data and then there are those that, well, involve engagement and fun. The point is, you can put a sticker on just about everything there is, and creating something unusual or unique to give away with your sticker delights customers enough to remember you and your cause.

For example, you could make your business card into one big sticker. No losing it in your wallet when the time comes to give it away! Or what about a simple piece of origami with your sticker in the middle? Bonus points if it’s flat and comes with instructions for people to do it themselves. Make your sticker into a super awesome experience by using your imagination; you might be surprised at the buzz you'll generate.

Marketing doesn’t have to be boring, and we know your sticker certainly isn’t. It’s got the flair and funk that makes it unique to you, and that helps people remember it better. Try out some new ideas – we know you're creative, so show the world how thoughtful you can really be!