NewCo Boulder 2016


The company showcase that is NewCo Boulder is back for another year and although Saul the Sticker Ball is a little too large for a happy hour this year, they are going to have some awesome custom die cut stickers with the NewCo logo.

NewCo Boulder 2016 features businesses from all over the community that invite people into their workplaces and give them an understanding of what they do, how they do it and why they are in business. They take an inside out approach to arranging this event, where at a typical conference everyone gathers in one place. It's a lot of fun for attendees to get to travel around Boulder seeing each different work culture in action.

We'll be down there in attendance, checking out a whole list of companies from lots of industries including: technology, marketing, education, brewing, energy, healthcare, manufacturing, non-profit, etc. It all culminates at one of our favorite spots Shine Restaurant, where they are spreading their own custom stickers and labels on their Shine Potions and Brewery. Check out the schedule and join in on the fun.