Observing the Earth From Space: Planet Labs

Planet Labs

Were you staring at that amazing blood moon this past Sunday? Wondering about what's out there and what time the movie "The Martian" is playing this next weekend? Well, there is a lot space can offer including a snapshot of our own planet, Earth. Planet Labs is making a difference in our lives by using imaging satellites in space to map out the changes in the earth.

Planet Labs story in their own words:
"From our home in San Francisco, we design, build and operate a network of satellites that we call “Doves.” In January 2014, we delivered Flock 1, the world’s largest constellation of Earth-imaging satellites, made up of 28 Doves.

Planet creates commercial and humanitarian value with the market's most capable global imaging network. Fresh data from any place on Earth is foundational to solving commercial, environmental, and humanitarian challenges. Our global sensing and analytics platform unlocks the ability to understand and respond to change at a local and global scale."

The best part of Planet Labs is their focus on the environment and not invading personal privacy. They say that their satellites can see the canopy of trees but not people.

What people can see with Planet Labs is their custom logo stickers in their standard blue color and reversed on white with blue text. They are the perfect small size of 1.5" by 1.5" that fits on laptop space, mobile phones and more.

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Check out Planet Labs video on who they are and what they do: