Once Upon a Time... Bobbledy Books


Once upon a time there was a happy couple with three kids who lived in a barn. The couple did everything together, including their work. Both were creative, one with words and one with illustrations. Together, they created Bobbledy Books, their own company making a variety of books for adults and children alike.

Bobbledy Books is Matthew Swanson and Robbi Behr. This husband and wife duo do it all, with Matthew having the expertise in writing and Robbi illustrating. They have a lot of cool products from different types of books, music, baby stuff, and posters.

As all of us in writing know, sometimes you hit a wall. Matthew and Robbi decided when they hit a wall to create a book where the reader decides the story. They created a Make-Your-Own Book with a sticker sheet and fill in the blank approach to story telling. The sticker sheet has bubble sayings, different things and items, all custom shaped, to help you piece together your own story with stickers! How awesome is that?

There really is no wrong way to use a sticker, unless __________. (Fill in your own story on that one).

Every sticker has a story, get crafty on your next project today and try out a custom sticker sheet.