#payphoneography Sticks Around

#payphoneography sticker

Once upon a time, pay phones controlled the means of communication for folks on the go, and it wasn't all that long ago ...

Many folks in the world today can't remember a world without mobile phones. They've never dropped a dime into a slot to make a call. They can't imagine going for a month without paying Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and the like their monthly fees.

Mobile phones are eradicating pay phones. Each day their numbers dwindle.

Payphoneography is an effort to preserve a bit of history with digital bits ...

In December 2011 Dan Marker-Moore started documenting this on instagram as @payphones. Starting in Los Angeles the project quickly evolved and expanded out New York, Chicago, and other parts of California. At the same time other photographers got involved and began taking photos of payphones and using the hash tag #payphoneography (payphone photography) .

If you see a payphone in an interesting place, take a few moments to capture it.

Q. How many calls are made via pay phones each year?

  • 400 million

  • 750 million

  • 1.7 billion

  • 3.6 billion

A. 1,700,000, according to the The American Public Communications Council (an association of Payphone Service Providers).