PPE Dude Helps Customers Navigate COVID With A Variety of Safety Products


PPE Dude carries sanitizer, disinfectant, masks, and more, like tents for testing locations. The PPE Dude sticker is a superhero-like rendition of the owner Brian Ginsberg, who started PPE Dude as a division of Photobooth Backdrops.

Brian's PPE service is able to help this customer base navigate the safety protocols for COVID concerns. In the five or so months since Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) became a part of daily life, PPE Dude has added inventory and served thousands of customers that require the range of COVID safety products, from masks and gloves to hand sanitizers and disinfectant wipes.

It's a testament to Brian's industrious nature, as he saw the need and demand in a new market under coronavirus, and he used his existing business knowledge and infrastructure with Photobooth Backdrops to help answer the call for PPE everywhere. "PPE Dude started in early March," says Ginsberg. "As our entertainment/wedding/trade show business was cut at the knees due to COVID, my Photobooth Backdrops business was at risk. As an entrepreneur, I wanted to work and not sit back and hope this pandemic ended quickly. Hence the quick pivot to the PPE space."

As we enter the back to school season and as businesses re-open, PPE Dude is fully stocked with classroom bundles and hand sanitizing stations, plus sneeze guards and testing kits for businesses. The design for the sticker itself comes on a custom shape, with the PPE Dude ready to join the fight and flatten the curve of COVID. These stickers function as promotional material for the business and even serve as an extra branding option on the variety of products they sell. Glossy die cut stickers can go anywhere, as you can see below with the PPE Dude sticker slapped on the hand sanitizing bottle.


Creating a memorable sticker is an important step for any brand, and for PPE Dude, this illustration helps reinforce the mission of safety and sanitation, and the inclusion of the website address helps drive traffic to the business. It doesn't hurt that PPE Dude is a catchy, personalized brand name that works well for internet searches of these particular products.

When it comes to making your home, school or business COVID safe, PPE Dude is ready to serve your needs, masked and gloved and ready for action, just like his sticker.