Promotional Circle Stickers Help Amplify the Inaugural Baltimore Old Time Music Festival


The Inaugural Baltimore Old Time Music Festival will take place on Friday, March 22 and Saturday, March 23. The schedule is jam packed with concerts, dancing and workshops over the two days, and these matte circle stickers will be there for all fans to take and enjoy.

The designer behind this sticker is Kelley Wills whose art is also featured on the exclusive concert poster that will be available. When you check out some of her other work, you'll see her artistic style throughout, and her concept for Baltimore Old Time Music Festival is sure to help fans relive the memories of their time at the show.

The host venue is the The Creative Alliance, a community building organization that brings together artists and audiences from diverse backgrounds to experience arts and education programs and engage in the creative process. The Creative Alliance provides support to area artists, promotes Baltimore as a center for creative production, acts as a positive force in their community, and advocates for cultural expression rooted in a sense of place that is Baltimore.

Saturday is packed with hands-on workshops from many of the headline performers, intimate performances in the Marquee Lounge, afternoon concerts in the theater and a wild square dance to close out the festival on Saturday night. There's even a kid's workshop to develop the future of Old Time Music in the Baltimore area. Old Time music has a deep roots in Maryland, where the sounds of the fiddle and banjo, along with ballad singing and social square dancing, can be heard from The National Capitol to the Appalachian Mountains and up and down the Potomac River.

Ken & Brad Kolodner are the festival hosts and this dynamic father-son duo are Creative Alliance favorites who have graced the Patterson stage many times. They approach their performances here with a sense of openness and a spirit of collaboration. The duo weaves together a captivating soundscape on a hammered dulcimer, banjo, and fiddles pushing the boundaries of the old time tradition into uncharted territory. We want to thank Brad for ordering up these stickers for the festival, and we can't wait to see photos and hear the jams coming from the stage.