Raster vs. Vector: What Does It All Mean?

At StickerGiant, we strive to make ordering stickers easy. Yet sometimes, it’s the little things like submitting artwork that can be the most challenging part. Since we want every sticker to look perfect, we ask for artwork that is either a Raster or Vector Image.

Let’s explain the differences between Raster and Vector. Raster images are composed of pixels, such as photographs, and therefore the quality of the image will change when scaled. Notice all of the pixels, or boxes? Vector images, however, are composed of mathematical equations between points, using paths. Because of this, the quality of the image is infinitely scalable.

If you send us vectorized artwork, you’re more likely to receive a better quality sticker. Don’t have vectorized artwork? Don’t worry. Our Art Team can clean up your image and build your raster image into a vectorized image.

We want to make the sticker that you want. This is why before we print anything, our Art Team touches every piece of artwork submitted to StickerGiant. Did we mention we offer Free Artwork Setup?

If you want to start an order, head to our easy ordering process at stickergiant.com.