Ride With Hive


Photo credit to Lance Tyrrell

Public transportation is awesome.  In Salt Lake City, residents are using the Hive Pass program which makes transit more affordable and accessible.

So what exactly is the Hive Pass? It's a monthly pass that residents within the city limits of Salt Lake City can purchase to have unlimited access to all available public transportation. It makes it smooth and easy to jump on and off with no money or tickets exchanging hands.

So why use the Hive Pass?
"Salt Lake City residents want more ways to get around, whether by bus, train or bike.  More people riding transit is good for everyone, lightening the loads of car travel in our neighborhoods, cleaning the air, and reducing household costs for transportation. "

Even if you do not live in Salt Lake City, there are a lot of good public transit programs in cities across America. However, not all have such cool branding like "Hive Pass." It is a honeycomb like shaped design with their name and Salt Lake City logo down in the bottom center of the design. They printed up custom stickers for people to represent their use of public transit and to promote the program to more residents.

Create some buzz and get on board with stickers to get your new programs and brand out in the world.