TEDxMileHigh Make + Believe


TEDxMileHigh is on tap for Saturday night at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House. The theme for this year's event is Make + Believe. The sticker that they designed has a silhouette of a person looking at a sea of stars in the night sky. Powerful use of imagery and a fun use of type for the theme name, including a custom hashtag for the event. This is a fun sticker design that incorporates the larger TEDx branding.

This year's organizers implore their audience to "Make a better future and believe in the power of big ideas." TEDxMileHigh showcases innovative Coloradans who each give the ‘talk of their life’ around the power of ideas. TEDx's are one of our favorite community events, and we're delighted it's happening down at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. The ideas that come from a TEDx talk are like no other, with the audience and the speakers sharing energy and inspiration.
In the world of Make + Believe, anything is possible. Here, freedom and fantasy join creativity, curiosity, and culture to create the promise of ideas worth spreading, expanded minds, and new connections. TEDxMileHigh is dedicated to dreaming big, crafting leadership, and designing a bright future. You’re invited to find inspiration in the sandbox of your mind with their 2016 event. Be inspired by Coloradans and local organizations with unique and compelling stories to share. Enjoy hands-on experiences designed to spark your imagination. Share ideas with the region’s best and brightest.

Presenters include maverick thinkers and doers, big-time athletes, entrepreneurs and innovators, humanitarians, creative performers and many more extraordinary people.

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