Rolled matte product labels wrap Functional Remedies in a smooth finish


Functional Remedies has spent over a decade perfecting a full spectrum CBD strain for wellness and resilience. They were the first USDA Certified Organic hemp company in the United States, and every one of their products is grown under the Colorado sun using sustainable, all-natural farming practices.

With a rolled matte label that displays all of their essential information and company branding in one place, their Clarify line of Hemp Capsules, Hemp Tinctures, and Hemp Salve will be ready to fly off the shelves.

Hemp as a product and the Functional Remedies story

Their philosophy is to distill the best of the hemp plant into a single-origin, cannabinoid oil that serves as a full spectrum supplement, and an addition to a daily health routine. Hemp is considered a different product from cannabis or marijuana, and it's available in grocery stores in a many states across America.

Functional Remedies was known as CBDRx when they were our neighbor back in our Hygiene days, and their harvest season always brought a verdant bouquet that wafted over the St. Vrain River Valley.

Custom product label solutions

At StickerGiant, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch support for label customers like Functional Remedies, since they go through many orders in a short amount of time. It's no secret that hemp CBD products are becoming very popular in states that have legalized hemp and even those that have not. Here in Colorado, we see quite a bit of hemp and cannabis business, from glossy labels and logo stickers to matte stickers. We provide a few different label options on our site, and if you need to see samples we can provide those.