Seattle Band Bread & Butter Delivers Blissed-Out Power Pop Rock


Bread & Butter are from the Pacific Northwest, and they make sure to keep the fun in their interpretation of rock and roll. Like their band name would suggest, they are all about keeping it simple and basic. Why over-complicate something as pure as exuberant songs that celebrate the good life? Their custom logo sticker is the same design as their band name, with their custom font acting as a throwback to the rock days of yore when large, bubbly type dominated the rock aesthetic. This custom circle shaped sticker is ready for the merch table as the band hits the road across the Western United States.

Their music keeps true to form and mirrors their design, as music journalist Emily Nokes aptly describes the tunes as “total day-drinking jams for sunburns, bridge jumping, light denim, forgetting to go to work, and no problemo classic rock ’n’ roll.”

When you listen to their songs, you'll hear a power pop group that brings equal parts power and pop, with songs that are tight but also ready for takeoff. Shane is on bass and vocals, Ryan and Lars play guitar, and Mason is on the drums and vocals, and when this foursome strikes up a groove, you'll want to kick back, relax and just let the good times roll.

If you like what you hear, you connect with them on their Facebook page, check them out on Twitter @BrdnBttr, or head to Instagram for the photos on the handle @breadandbutterbrothers.

Bread & Butter are going to be on a Western tour (dates below), hitting six states along the way, so if you're in the region, check them out.

Here's the official video of "Cool In the Water" from the debut self-titled album out now on Killroom Records.

Here's a list of their upcoming live shows

September 8 // Spokane, WA // Tinnabulation Festival
September 9 // Moscow, ID // Humble Burger
September 11 // Portland, OR // The Fixin' To
September 12 // Chico, CA // Duffy's
September 13 // Oakland, CA // Octopus Literary Salon
September 14 // Los Angeles, CA // Redwood
September 15 // Los Angeles, CA // Cha Cha (DJ Set)
September 17 // Long Beach, CA // The Pike Bar
September 19 // Tempe, AZ // Palos Verde
September 20 // Tucson, AZ // Che's Lounge
September 21 // Ventura, CA // The Garage
September 22 // San Diego, CA // Black Cat Bar
September 23 // San Luis Obispo, CA // Frog & Peach Pub
September 24 // San Francisco, CA // Make-Out Room
October 5 // Seattle, WA // Chop Suey
October 21 // Seattle, WA // R-Day, Rainier Brewery
November 17 // Seattle, WA // Sunset - Freakout