Shop Smarter, Not Harder With T-Shirt Labels

Custom Self Adhesive Tshirt Labels from StickerGiant

Trying on clothes can be a frustrating process, no doubt about it, especially if you go to a new store. So many racks of shirts! So many shelves of pants! Add in the fact that many shirts come tagged with several different labels that it can be hard to discern the exact information you need in a quick manner. It's just a shirt - not rocket science!

That's where t-shirts labels come in handy. These clever little stick 'ems can be added to apparel tags as a fast and easy way to find out what you need in a snap. Let's say the store you're at has a strange sizing method. Not everyone goes by the small-medium-large charts and might come up with their own unique ways of stating sizes. This can be super confusing and frustrating, but a quick little sticker over the size or on the front of the shirt lets customers know exactly what to expect, making your shopping trip just as fabulous as you are!

Stickers are a great way to engage with customers, especially if the sticker is fun and informative. You can make a cutesy sticker advertising your brand or a serious sticker providing facts and figures. You can make it bright and colorful, or black and white. The t-shirt label in the picture let's you know that shirt has some serious Phish factor, which brings an ordinary shirt to life with a new label and meaning. Fantastic!

Do you have an idea for t-shirt or apparel stickers? Let us know by clicking here, and we promise to start working on making your dreams a reality!