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Adventure Ready Spirit with Mountain Standard


When going on mountain adventures, it's important to have quality products that will stand up to all the elements and encounters you will have. Mountain Standard is creating premium clothing, apparel and sticker packs that will have you ready to take on the outdoors in style.

What Mountain Standard does is pretty simple, yet beautiful. They offer premium goods at honest prices so the adventure ready, outdoor community can save money for the road ahead. Their team is lean & mean working out of Boulder, Colorado as they design and build their own clothing and gear. They sell direct to consumers which eliminates a lot of the costs and keeps their offering priced just right. Their saying is "Adventure Ready Spirit" which means their spirits are fueled by adventure and they are always ready for it.

With a fun company culture and brand, Mountain Standard offers an assortment pack of fun stickers. The custom logo stickers come in five different colors. Their other sticker designs include a van that is fully loaded to set off on an adventure, one that states "Super Bueno" and then a sticker stating "Adventure Ready Spirit." All their designs were printed up as our premium quality Die Cut Stickers, which come with a UV laminate to hold up to the outdoors. All these make for a perfect mix to promote the Mountain Standard way of being a rad local business.

Blue Chip Wrestling


Just wrestle. Stickers making statements for Blue Chip Wrestling who is providing athletes all the apparel and gear they need to be successful.

Blue Chip Wrestling was started out of a pure passion for the sport of wrestling. In 2001, Gonz Medina and Jason Heslop set out to start a business providing athletic apparel and equipment with an awesome customer experience which was lacking in this industry. They succeeded in this mission with Blue Chip Wrestling selling wrestling products through a well designed website.

Sport's brands are something that athletes really feel a connection with in their pursuit of greatness. Blue Chip Wrestling provides their fans with some custom stickers with motivational statements all featuring their logo placed within. They have a patriotic brand featuring the red, white and blue and it shows in their sticker designs. Our favorite is the custom shaped design of "Just Wrestle" featured above. They also have two custom square stickers stating "Wrestle. Win. Repeat." and "United States of Wrestling." The final one is a custom rectangle sticker which would be an epic bumper sticker, saying, "Blood Sport Blue Chip Wrestling."


Blue Chip Wrestling is winning in more than customer satisfaction because their stickers are their A-Team.


Sticker Prints for Upper Playground


We have amazing creative companies that are putting together rad collections of stickers. Upper Playground is expressing their art and style through several custom stickers promoting their brand and artists.

Upper Playground is an art and fashion company and overall a factory for producing out of this world designs in collaboration with incredible artists. They kicked off as a company in San Francisco back in 1999 and sell clothing, apparel, sneakers, prints and other goods online, as well as their three retail stores located in San Francisco, Berkeley and Portland. They also have established art galleries Fifty24SF in San Francisco, Fifty24PDX in Portland and Fifty24MX in Mexico City, Mexico. They are known to be an independent lifestyle brand and push progressive creative lifestyles.

They recently printed up fifteen unique sticker designs that caught all our eyes going through the sticker production process. Roughly half of them were various designs around their brand name for a sweet variety of custom logo stickers. The rest of them were designs and creations of artists they work for that are now turned into portable sticky prints that can go on laptops, cars, skateboards and pretty much anywhere that a sticky substrate will cling to. Our favorite might be the reference of the classic movie Scarface with "The World is Yours" design.

The sticker world is yours Upper Playground, kudos for these amazing sticker designs.

Humboldt Republic State of Mind


Humboldt Republic is creating new designs every week that have the maximum potential for individuality through clothing, apparel and custom stickers.

Through the red woods of California near the northern coast you will find the Humboldt State. This is home base for our friends at Humboldt Republic, who have turned epic designs into fun custom stickers forty seven times over the past few years. We first covered Humboldt featuring their seven 'o seven sticker design back in 2013 and since then we have seen tons of  additional, well illustrated stickers come through the shop.

Humboldt Republic's brand is very much rooted in their location of  Northern California and celebrates that in a multitude of ways on their clothing and apparel. The rad thing about Humboldt Republic is they produce a new conceptually appealing design once a week and only do a limited batch of fifty prints. This maximizes the potential for individuality to shine through and to have a lot of diversity in what they offer to all communities.

They are constantly turning their designs into promotional stickers for their brand too. One of their newest ones features a colorful, yet simple design with the saying "Highest Hills." Then a twist to "The Hills Have Eyes" with a California bear design in the hill and another sticker with a fierce looking bear wearing a beanie. The final one on the top states "Humboldt Legends" and has amazing design work merged together with the center focus on an angry Sasquatch with the tag "King of the Woods." All these amazing custom stickers for Humboldt Republic were printed on our premium white sticker stock with a glossy finish and UV laminate to hold up to the outdoor elements.

These are just a small taste of the stickers they have printed but we are always stoked to see a new sticker for Humboldt Republic.

More Fun in the Sun


What the title says, except that Fun in the Sun is an amazing clothing and apparel shop that brings the feeling and style of the coast.

Fun in the Sun is an active wear shop for men and women. They have two shops located in Missouri and a new location in New Jersey. It was originally started by Nancy and Dan McGee, who didn't want to wait for retirement to fulfill their dream of opening a shop on the beach so they brought the lifestyle and clothing brands to Kirkwood, Missouri.
"The name of our bright and cheerful shop, Fun in the Sun, embodies our philosophy perfectly: whatever the weather, geography or activity happens to be, a sunny attitude will brighten every one of your days!"

Fun in the Sun's bright and cheerful designs make great custom stickers. They offer these in their stores, in addition to their selection of clothes for outdoor activities, as our stickers hold up to the sun with UV lamination. We love this jeep design with the American flag on it, as it was perfect to sell through the 4th of July weekend, for a touch of patriotism in the brand.

Keep the fun alive this summer with premium high-quality stickers for your business.

Back At It Again with Psycho Bunny


We see amazing designs turned into stickers everyday here at StickerGiant. One company that continues to impress us with their creativity in stickers is Psycho Bunny, as they continue to print custom logo stickers that play off of current events and themes.

Psycho Bunny is a men's clothing and apparel company known for their classic, high-quality polo shirts. As the years, and fun stickers, have gone by they have continued to enhance their product offerings with hats, different style shirts, swimwear, pants, and more.
"When you wear Psycho Bunny, you’re acknowledging the unique design and expert craftsmanship that go into creating each and every item. We’re extremely proud of the personal relationships we build with our manufacturers, because quality merchandise is best produced by mills, where our garments are hand-crafted using traditional techniques."

The most recent sticker designs for Psycho Bunny feature a Portugal flag and Brazil flag with their classic bunny head and cross bones logo placed over the top. They are constantly celebrating events, countries and unique designs with this one giving a nod to different countries of the World as we head into a summer featuring UEFA Euro 2016, Copa América 2016 and also the Rio Summer Olympics.

When coming up with new custom stickers for your brand, remember to splash in some fun from real time events.