Steez Gear

Custom Circle Shaped Stickers Printed for Steez Gear

Got a bad case of iceface? Can't stand the pain of  chinchap? Old Man Winter is not to be trifled with, child. Luckily, there's Steez Gear to cover your...self. Check them out and you'll be "steezin, not freezin" in no time!
Steez Gear is the newest and sickest in the Snowboarding apparel world. We produce handmade and hand-dyed wool products from 100% Merino wool. FACT, Merino wool means it is super soft and wont itch or stink, both very necessary components of wool clothing. We make facemasks, big baggy beanies, long arm gloves we like to call sleeves, and 8 foot long scarves. Not to mention that all of these products are made with our signature wild style wool colors, imagine all the colors you love for the snow and urban settings without adding any acrylic or polyester. We believe in keeping it real for the environment as well, if we can avoid using plastic in our processes it is left out. We use cardboard for packaging and wool is a renewable resource grown from sheep.

Love their style and their stuff! Must work, because who's ever seen a cold sheep? Nope, neither have we. Those are some tough critters.

Wonder what's the best form of protection from the stupidity that cold weather brings? You know, like people  who swim in January in Minnesota or children who lick something frozen because a bigger kid bullied them into it? Sigh, it's the same story, every winter. Brrr! Resist the dare, folks! As for the double-dog dare, well, may the force be with you. Anything could happen!