Sticker Album Art with Duran, Duran

Duran Duran Sticker Art

What Are the Chances an album comes with customizable sticker art as the cover? First glance at the new album, Paper Gods, from Duran Duran, we saw stickers popping off the graphic. Turns out, that's exactly the idea behind the artwork for Paper Gods.

When you buy the album through Warner Bros Music Store, it comes with sticker sheets to customize the album artwork. In a digital age, with iTunes and Amazon Music controlling sales of music, this unique idea brings something fun back to buying a CD. Personalize your own album artwork in a creative way that fits your vision of the music behind the art.

Now, full disclosure, we did not print these custom stickers for Duran Duran but we are avid fans of innovative sticker applications. Every sticker has a story. Let people tell their own version of a story and see how interactivity creates more brand awareness and fans.

Our music review: With the mix of 80's pop vocals, modern electronic music and hip hop influences, Duran Duran has managed to create something special that appeals to fans of their past work and taps into the ears of a whole new generation. Give it a listen because it will be playing during announcements at the next Grammy Awards.

Duran Duran Album Cover

Sticker Art and Album are Copyright Warner Bros Record.