Sticker Art Created by VSA Colorado Access Gallery

Finished StickerGiant Sticker Art

Stickers are becoming art in a unique and fantastic way at the VSA Colorado Access Gallery.

Access Gallery is doing amazing work supporting kids with disabilities that are artistic. We covered the Access Gallery sticker story this past winter when they were running their Stick'em Up Chuck Sticker Art Exhibit. The exhibit was so much fun to experience as they made some incredible artwork that was mosaic style of cars, people, a smiley face and more. It was also cool to hear the stories of how they had sold some of the pieces because the artists keep the majority of the sales and it's how they support themselves.

Stickers became part of what Access Gallery does as it was a way for people with disabilities to still be artistic. Even if you can't paint or draw, putting together pieces of art with stickers was a work around. All of the stickers being used by Access Gallery are from our production facility here in Longmont, Colorado. Each job has a number of excess stickers that come off of it. We like to surprise our customers by including more than they expected and then the rest either get tossed or mixed into some of our scheduled content online as photos and videos.

However, working with the Access Gallery gave us a new opportunity to recycle our excess stickers that come off the machines every week. We now pack up boxes full of them and deliver them to the team at Access to create more beautiful artwork.

We recently even commissioned the VSA Colorado Access Gallery to create our own piece of art featuring our StickerGiant flame logo. It came out awesome! It's now the centerpiece next to Saul the Sticker Ball when you walk into our facility here in Longmont, Colorado.

We did a video all about Access Gallery that you can watch here to see more about them and how we came together on this sticker art. Also. Checkout the photos below of them creating this new art piece for us: