StickerGiant is Growing!

StickerGiant Office Remodel

Office remodel at StickerGiant

Greetings, gentle reader! StickerGiant has been experiencing some recent excitement and we couldn't wait to share this with you. We're growing! Thanks to loyal customers just like you, our business has been steadily increasing over the last few years. We are now 26 full-time employees strong and, because of this, we are renovating the front office to accommodate more awesome staff members.

What does this mean for our customers? Well, it means the same great customer service you have come to expect from StickerGiant will still be our standard, and high quality stickers will still go out in a timely manner. This expansion means we will have even more people looking out for your best sticker interest, and you'll continue to receive the most awesome stickers in the world.

We are told we will move back into the space within 3 weeks when construction is complete, but you can still order stickers. Go to our sticker ordering tool, and one of our Sticker Experts will be in touch in two shakes of a bunny tail.