Stickers Can Increase Fundraising in a Big Way

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Short, simple and to the point. Those are the basics for every great sticker that’s trying to promote, well, anything, and something you should keep in mind. You already know about using stickers as a promotional tool for your existing clients and those targeted audiences you’re trying to reach, but have you ever thought of a clever sticker as a fundraising tool?

It’s an easy concept: you have a cause you need to get the word out about, and need funding to do so. To make money you sometimes have to spend a little money, and stickers are an exceptional way to make a low-cost return on your investment.

Why stickers? Here’s why!

Everyone loves stickers!

• Harder to lose than a business card

• Can be placed in easy-to-see areas for a larger audience

• People enjoy the novelty of stickers

You can use stickers for raffles, too – they’re fun and who doesn’t love a little something free? Have an item donated to your cause, make one yourself or give people the chance to have their name mentioned on your website or their picture taken for the paper. Sell stickers for a nominal fee ($1 each = 1 raffle entry, for example) and then hold the raffle close to your event. Give away stickers to everyone you meet. Put them on your car (or your friend’s car!) and roll around town. Wear one yourself!

Make your cause stand out, and people are more likely to donate. Do you have any other suggestions for how stickers can best be used for fundraising? Let us know in the comments below!


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