Supporting Your Business Needs For Stickers and Labels


It's a time of transformation in American business and culture, and StickerGiant is evolving with the needs of our customers and our staff.

The world is moving many interactions online and reducing physical contact at this time. For small businesses that thrive on face-to-face interactions and in-store experiences to conduct business, this is a time of fundamental change. Many customers are pivoting to delivery and to-go sales or they have moved them entirely online.

StickerGiant is an eCommerce business with a strong manufacturing background, and we are still supporting our customers with stickers and labels as their businesses pivot and adapt to current situations with Covid-19. We are seeing these pivots in our business as well, with employees who can work from home doing so and with employees in the printing factory staggering production shifts to keep our Giants happy and healthy.

Keeping Our Promises to Customers

We want to ensure confidence in our customers by letting you know about our supply chain.
It's reassuring to know when you're putting a custom label on a product or handing a sticker to a fan that you know exactly what went into your product and where the supplies came from.  Let’s take a look at our supply chain, and how all the layers of your stickers and labels come together in our factory.

Both our polypropylene and our paper substrates are made in the Midwest region of the United States, and we receive our deliveries directly from our supplier. All of the materials in our custom stickers and labels are sourced from partners in the United States. We also ensure the highest quality of standards for our materials and for our cleaning processes.

Our shipping team uses a recycled packing paper which is also sourced from a supplier we have in Colorado. Using recycled paper helps us reduce the use of single use packing materials, all while keeping your stickers and labels safe during shipping. Our shipping partners at UPS keep us supplied with the boxes, and they are delivering your stickers and labels to your door. Once your stickers and labels are delivered, the next step in their supply chain is up to you and the creative ways you put your new sticky designs to use.

For more details, head to the supply chain page on our website.

Keeping Our Promises to Our Giants

Here are some of the ways we are supporting our employees (Giants), so we can continue to support your business needs for stickers or labels during Covid-19.

Every company and business is different, but this is a moment we can live our core values and keep our promises to our staff and you, our customers.

  • Giants who are able to work from home will be doing so to reduce the risk of spread.

  • Giants who are going into our offices and production spaces are using sanitization protocols in their workspaces.

  • Giants who need to stay home because their children’s school has been closed will have the ability to do so with pay, as will Giants who are not feeling well.

We are grateful for you, the StickerGiant family of customers. Let’s remember to be kind, this is a great moment to stick together, even if we are utilizing social distancing!

We want to support your business in the best way we can, and our May offer is TOGOLABELS so you can take 20% off tamper-evident, tearable paper labels.

You can also check out our coupons page to sign up for regular deals to keep saving on stickers and labels for your brand and your products.



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