Take The Sticker Factory Tour

Have you ever been at a restaurant and had the chef come out to your table after the meal? Wasn't it fun to shake the hand that stirred the soup?

Meet Your Sticker Chefs.

How fun would it be if we took you on a tour our sticker factory? We believe in giving customers like you a chance to meet the makers of your sticker products because like you, there's so much more to us than stickiness;)

Take The Sticker Factory Tour:

Since not everyone can make it to our facility to experience StickerGiant behind the scenes, we made a video just for you!

Now that you've experienced us from behind the scenes, we thought it might be just as meaningful to go on a tour of where YOU work. No matter what you are working on this month, remember that we like knowing more about the people we serve.

Whether you're growing a company or promoting an idea, we love knowing what you're up to. And what better way to do it than getting to know you--the chef of your own life!

We love to hear from you so much more than when you're buying stickers, so feel free to post what you're up to on our Facebook wall if you're interested in sharing your daily with us and you might even make our next blog post!