Team StickerGiant: Meet Reece


In keeping with our “Know your StickerGiant” theme, allow us to introduce Reece. He's the guy behind the visual magic of making customers (and all of us) look really, really good. We asked what gets him to crank it up to 11, and this is what he said.

Name & Position:  Reece D., head of the Art Department

Time with StickerGiant:  2 years

Best part of the job?  Getting to make bad art look awesome.

Hometown:  Boulder, Colorado

Hidden talent:  I play drums.

Cake or pie?  Pie, because the cake is a lie!

Number one item on my bucket list?  To visit Peru.

Favorite season and why?  Spring because it's not too hot or cold and I love rain.

Cats or dogs?  Cats!

The last movie I watched/book I read was:  Minority Report

Favorite use for a sticker?  As an eye patch. Arrrrr!

Prediction for 2012?  I'm hoping humanity will suck it up and stop being so negative. We need free (positive) energy!