Team StickerGiant: Meet Wednesday

Wednesday StickerGiant Shipping Specialist

Wednesday StickerGiant Shipping Specialist

In keeping with our "Know your StickerGiant" theme, we present Wednesday, who does so many things around here, even we can't keep track. Any storage closet, junk drawer, or shelving system around our office that's been magically restored to order has Wednesday's organized touch to thank. We asked what butters her biscuit, and this is what she said.

Name & Position:  Wednesday...but I'm the Girl Friday at StickerGiant.


Time with StickerGiant:  3 months


Best part of the job?  The people, the environment, the location.


Hometown:  Austin, Texas.


Hidden talent:  Professional closet organizer, specializing in color and style coding.


Cake or pie?  Cake AND pie. Both will do, please!


Number one item on my bucket list?  To visit all 50 states!


Favorite season and why?  Fall for the changing leaves and the cooler weather.


Cats or dogs?  Dogs because they're "man's best friend."


The last movie I watched/book I read was:  Movie: The Avengers.  Book:  Disney princess stories (read to my 3 1/2 year old daughter).


Favorite use for a sticker?  Cover stuff up (to hide things).


Prediction for 2012?  The Mayan calendar will prove to be fiction!


  1. That's my sister all the way. She can organize anything and do anything she puts her mind too. I lover her!! Ask her about all the stickers under our dad's bar in Austin. Those have some stories!! I Love you Wednesday!!

  2. That's my girl. She can organize anything plus great sense of humor

  3. Thanks for sharing the love Catherine! We love Wednesday too!

  4. Wednesday is a totally wonderful person. Pretty funny too. Love you.

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