The 5 Wins of Packaging Your Product With Sticker Labels


As a product brand manager, you're probably always looking for fun and affordable ways to design a label that will catch the eye of your potential customers. Printing product label stickers can prove to be the best option when it comes to visually defining your brand in the competitive product marketplace. Sticker product labels enable you to print anything from detailed branding and design to nutritional information on a single label sheet, making it an economical way to reach out and grab your customer. The durability and customization a sticker label product offers makes it ideal for any product-specific application. The following outlines five ways you can get the most out of your product sticker labels.

1. Brand recognition

Product companies like yours live and die by their ability to differentiate themselves from the many choices in the marketplace. Building brand awareness through distinct product labeling makes it easier for your customer to identify you from your competition. Stickers make it simple and easy to label a product with clear brand consistency. Your brand image is everything and if a customer doesn't understand what it means, your product message is lost. The beauty of sticker labels is that you can be as vibrant or as simple as you would like with your design but your printing costs will remain the same.

2. Easy application

Brand managers love custom product label stickers because they easily adhere to virtually any surface and look great. This flexibility enables you to create multiple designs to fit varying product lines. We also have the ability to print them on a roll or add perforated cut lines for easy separation and application.

3. Informative labels

Sticker labeling can be used as helpful information pieces for a variety of products including nutritional facts in food, beverages, or medicines. Customers appreciate the ease they will experience when reading your detailed list of ingredients for products such as candles or clothing. Does your product need more than text to explain its uses? Combine visual aids and text to effectively educate your buyer instantly using a sticker label to brand your product.

4. Be one with your customer

Maybe you're a brand like our awesome customer Sweet Action Ice Cream, a company and product that people really connect with in cult-like fashion. Their popular ice cream and cookie product line speaks highly of their ability to entice buyers through unique branding, a tactical skill that is complimented by their sticker product packaging. Packaging has the ability to define your customers as an individual. Help them do just that with package design that speaks to their passions.

5. Stay current

Sticker labeling can allow you the flexibility of staying current without the hassle of changing your design all around. Need to highlight marketing your product around seasonal specials? Do it quickly and easily by adding a simple sticker with holiday messaging. Are you backing a cause or raising funds of a charitable organization? Say it all by adding this information to your sticker labeling to spread your message far and wide.