The Importance of Labels as Marijuana Goes Legit


Colorado is a progressive state that StickerGiant is proud to call home in many ways, and the forward thinking marijuana laws are just one of them. The green has been legal for medical patients since 2000, and recreational use was legalized January 2014. With the new legislation comes a rapidly expanding business that is making an economic impact all across the state.

Cannabis has been used to treat chronic pain for over 2,000 years and was legal in the United States until the 1920’s, when stricter regulations began to take over; outright prohibition of the herb took hold in all 50 states by the mid-1930’s. There has been a dramatic push for a change in public thinking about marijuana over the last several years, and several states have now made ganja legal for medical - and sometimes recreational - use, with more states quickly changing the way they think about this powerful organic.

Since marijuana has become legal, there are many businesses that are cropping up to support it - manufacturers, dispensaries and large-scale growers, to name a few - and labeling has become critically important. Stickers are a fun, simple way to keep track of your products while not mixing them up - indica and sativa, two individual strains of cannabis, should be labeled to let customers know what they’re purchasing. Edibles should include a food-safe product label, too, but that’s not the only way stickers are helpful within the industry!