Well Traveled with Stickers at Caravan Coffee


Nothing like starting up the week with a fresh cup of coffee. Caravan Coffee is roasting up quality coffee from around the world and making an impact with custom logo stickers for their fans.

Caravan Coffee was started by Pete Miller more than twenty years ago when he bought an old Cape Cod house in Newberg, Oregon. This was in the nineties before coffee roasters became more common place, but the community embraced it right away. Caravan was the spot for all ages to come for coffee, their bakery, bookstore and live music.

As Caravan Coffee grew, they took it upon themselves to be responsible in where they sourced their coffee beans and to also give back to the communities in other countries that they do business with. They give back with various projects like helping with fresh water supply. Caravan Coffee makes sure that they buy Fair Trade Coffee and it is organic, free of chemically treated beans. All this goodwill and attention to detail has resulted in a premium coffee that people love, which has continued to grow the business.

Caravan Coffee maintains it's shop in Oregon and also has it's roasted coffee available to purchase online. To help them spread the news of their coffee shop brand, they print up quality die cut stickers that can travel in outbound orders or with folks just grabbing a cup of coffee at the shop.

Caravan Coffee has enjoyed quite the ride to this point. Now, they are traveling even further as their brand gets slapped on with stickers. Start your ride with custom stickers today.