Startup Weekend Chennai


We are traveling to Tamil Nadu state in India for our weekly sponsorship with this edition of Startup Weekend Chennai 2017. They went with a rectangle shaped custom sticker in a simple Kelly Green color and a Startup Weekend beaker design with their location tag below the art element. Then they feature the event name and their title sponsor, Google for Entrepreneurs.

Let's get into a little play-by-play for the three days ahead, since Startup Weekends start fast, move fast, and end fast. After all, it's only 54 hours from pitch to launch, so it means there's not a lot of time for talking and everyone is focused on one thing: action.

Friday everyone meets and all registered attendees pitch their ideas in an attempt to inspire others to join their teams. It’s a bit of a scrum as everyone sorts out what they want to work on. Saturday and Sunday is where the teams debate, build, pitch and build some more. They focus on building a prototype of their idea, whether it’s a software application or a physical device. During two-day period, teams will also focus on customer development by validating their ideas and practicing proven Techstars startup methodologies to build a minimum viable product.

Sunday night brings the big reveal, where teams demo their prototypes and receive valuable feedback from a panel of expert judges. Along the way there is plenty of collaboration and feedback from mentors and facilitators. We want to give a big thanks to the organizing team and fellow sponsors, and we wish everyone the best of luck as they innovate in Chennai.

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