What Do You Want From Life? Air Tubes!

Just when you thought we couldn't top last week's behind the scenes view of the frickin' die cutting lasers here at StickerGiant, we're here to surprise and amaze once again. This time, we're rolling out not just one, but two mysterious photographs of the air tubing that helps make the magic happen.


I suppose someone could explain exactly what these air tubes do, but I can't. Honestly, I have no idea, whatsoever. I'd try to weasel out of it by saying that I'm just working off my tryptophan-induced food hangover, but Mythbusters just debunked that theory.

Speaking of tubes, did you know that The Tubes are still at it? Indeed, they are! The stupendous San Francisco-based band responsible for those mind-blowing classics including While Punks on Dope, She's a Beauty, and What Do You Want From Life will be appearing at a number of locations in December. Disclosed, even.