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At StickerGiant we like to say that every sticker has a story. We see thousands of stories every week, and we love to share those stories with our highly engaged audience of fans and customers. Our stickers and labels have traveled across the world, even into outer space. In celebration of the great stories our customers create every day with stickers and labels, we showcase their stories on our blog, on our podcast and all over our social media channels.


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When your order arrives, tag us on your favorite socials with a sweet unboxing video, or send us a DM. While you're at it, share a story on our timeline. We love to see your delight. All of our profiles are at the bottom of our page. Wherever you like to engage with your fans, we're ready to hang with you to share your story.

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We interview our customers and learn about their business, growth and marketing efforts. Podcasts serve as long-tail content that reaches new audiences. We enjoy hearing your origin story and spreading that passion with our audience.

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Our customer stories blog highlights great sticker and label designs and innovate the businesses behind them. Blogs are a great place to establish search engine optimization for your brand and build authority as a trusted source in your industry.

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