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Embracing Identity and Diversity with YAMZ: World of Color

From Denver, Colorado, Brayan Montes-Terrazas, or YAMZ, channels his passion for social justice, equity, and culture through his vibrant art and design. As an undocumented, queer person of color, Brayan's work is driven by the essential need to tell the stories of his identity. His art shows others that they are not alone in the fight toward equity, justice, and mental health. Under the brand YAMZ: World of Color, Brayan creates bold, colorful designs that uplift marginalized identities, believing that art can heal and foster unity. His work emphasizes the importance of representation, striving to build equity in the art and design fields. Brayan’s activism art embodies the spirit of "fighting back, moving forward," reflecting his commitment to social justice. Brayan uses Custom Sticker Sheets and Holographic Stickers to deliver his art in a way that is both impactful and visually stunning, allowing his voice to shine brightly in every piece.  

Picture of Angie Chua from Bobo Design Studio in an office storage roomPicture of Angie Chua from Bobo Design Studio in an office storage room

Brewing Adventure with Park Pass Coffee

For nearly a decade, the dream of owning and operating a specialty coffee company has driven the founders, Grant Newsome and Sam Schippel, of Park Pass Coffee. Combining their love for the outdoors, adventure, and creativity, they have created a coffee brand that sparks curiosity and impact through specialty coffee. Their mission is to inspire adventure and leave a positive impact on the planet and the people they meet. Every decision is made with care, ensuring a lasting positive impression. Each park featured on their coffee bags is chosen with intention, supporting wildlife conservation, park education, accessibility, sustainability, and local communities. The stunning artwork on every bag of Park Pass Coffee showcases illustrations of National Parks, inspiring exploration one cup at a time. Park Pass Coffee uses Matte Recycled Paper Labels for all of their coffee bags, aligning with their commitment to sustainability. These custom labels are made from sustainably sourced, post-consumer recycled materials, making them the perfect complement to Park Pass Coffee's eco-friendly mission

Picture of Cidney Moorer from Herbal Ciddy holding up a jar of her product with a StickerGiant printed label applied to itPicture of Cidney Moorer from Herbal Ciddy holding up a jar of her product with a StickerGiant printed label applied to it

Dark Humor and Vibrant Joy from Creepy Orca Supply Co.

In a world that often takes itself too seriously, Creepy Orca Supply Co. is a spark of light-hearted dark humor. Based in Richmond, Virginia, Creepy Orca is a queer female-owned business founded by artist Ariel. She is dedicated to turning her creative expressions into a full-time pursuit of joy, transforming everyday absurdities into humor. What began as a series of iPad doodles during the pandemic quickly became Ariel's passion project, blending dark humor with amusement. Their mission is straightforward: to make people laugh. Their stickers, pins, patches, and t-shirts serve as eccentric reminders not to take life too seriously. Ariel uses Die Cut and Holographic Stickers to transform her dark humor art into quirky, edgy pieces that perfectly capture the essence of Creepy Orca. Ariel’s dream is for Creepy Orca to grow, reaching more people and spreading laughter one sticker at a time.  

Picture of Rasheeda McCallum from Black Chef Movement with a kitchen in the backgroundPicture of Rasheeda McCallum from Black Chef Movement with a kitchen in the background

Spicing Up Pride with SpiceBAE

Jonathan McKeeman, known as Head SpiceBAE, turned a quarantine cooking project into the popular brand SpiceBAE. Launched in November 2020, SpiceBAE offers versatile spice blends that enhance any dish. Jonathan created the brand while cooking for friends during lockdown, aiming to develop a spice blend that could go on anything– before anything else (BAE). Every year for Pride Month, Jonathan introduces a new PrideBAE blend, a colorful selection of sprinkles designed to celebrate diversity and make a statement. Jonathan proudly donates 10% of PrideBAE’s sales to Prism Health North Texas, supporting their mission of advancing health through education, research, and personalized HIV care. He finds joy in how his spices help customers, sharing stories of friends who now feel confident in the kitchen thanks to SpiceBAE. They use Custom Matte Labels to brand their products, offering a sharp, high-end look to their spice jars. What began as a home cooking project has grown into a well-received brand with big plans for the future. 

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