No One Knows Ice Fishing Better than Tightline Outdoors


'Tis the season for winter fishing, and if you live in an area where the air hurts your face, you must be in none other than Colorado. Tightline Outdoors, based in beautiful Conifer, Colorado, knows exactly what to do when the fishing waters turn to ice and it's too cold to think - grab some friends and go ice fishing!

Tightline Outdoors held one of many ice fishing tournaments this past weekend, and StickerGiant had the honor of not only printing the event's stickers, but being a sponsor, as well. Two of our lovely employees also attended - Jordan Muench, who is our pre-pressman with a zest for marketing, and our designer Kevin Griffith - to take lots of pictures and hand out our sponsored stickers. You can see some of Jordan's handiwork above!

Handing out stickers to all event attendees is a great way to really get on the front lines and schmooze with the customers, and StickerGiant was lucky enough to be in the thick of it all. Stickers are fantastic at helping to create special event memories that can be recalled at a glance while still unifying ice fishing fans from all over, like with Tightline Outdoors. Awesome!

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