2017 Startup Weekend Angers and Twin Cities Youth


With a new year brings a new round of Startup Weekends, and we're continuing to join forces with Techstars for events around the world. This weekend we have stickers heading to France and to Minnesota to circulate at events.
Startup Weekend is a volunteer-driven global grassroots movement of passionate entrepreneurs on a mission to inspire, educate, and empower communities to launch world-changing ideas. It is the largest community of entrepreneurs in the world and has hosted 2000+ events in 200+ countries since 2007. 

Let's start in Europe before heading back home to the USA. Before we go, a big thanks to the all of the organizers, mentors, facilitators and participants who help put together Startup Weekend.


Startup Weekend Angers

Startup Weekend Angers, a city in western France about 200 miles southwest of Paris, will be getting a rectangular-shaped sticker on our kiss cut product. They have the classic startup weekend beaker filled with lab people, but everyone is wearing a funny hat or holding a prop. Then they have their city name with a flower and a sign-like treatment, a light green and a dark green keep the colors single and in one tone for maximum readability and event branding.


Startup Weekend Twin Cities Youth

Back home in American, custom die cut stickers will be spread in Minneapolis at Startup Weekend Twin Cities Youth. Their sendup of the Startup Weekend logo has the Twin Cities city skyline in the background with a brush font for the "Youth," tagline. Youth Startup Weekend gather high school students together for a weekend of entrepreneurial motion. Startup Weekend Youth Twin Cities will be the second youth-version of Startup Weekend in the Midwest.

Here's a video that sheds more light on what happens at a Startup Weekend.