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Custom stickers on the road at Techstars Global Startup Weekend events

Back for another weekend of our Techstars partnership, as their Global Startup Weekend finishes out over the next three days. It's been a full week of celebration that highlights entrepreneurship and the global community of people trying to build new ventures. Organizers, judges, mentors and participants are all gathering to solve problems and ... [Read More]

Global Startup Weekend kicks off with custom stickers galore

This past weekend was the beginning of the Startup Weekend to end all Startup Weekends, with the Global Startup Weekend from Techstars and Google for Entrepreneurs kicking off from November 10-12 and now continuing into next weekend. Whew! We've sent stickers out for dozens events all around the world, and we're excited for all of these ... [Read More]

Dayton Startup Week: One Community, Unlimited Possibilities

Dayton Startup Week visits Ohio's aviation capital this week, where innovation and collaboration will take to the skies. For five days, the sixth-largest city in Ohio will see local entrepreneurs will meeting at sessions, pitching at meetings and attending educational sessions. Startup Week is a five-day Techstars celebration of community, ... [Read More]

Startup Weekend Chennai

We are traveling to Tamil Nadu state in India for our weekly sponsorship with this edition of Startup Weekend Chennai 2017. They went with a rectangle shaped custom sticker in a simple Kelly Green color and a Startup Weekend beaker design with their location tag below the art element. Then they feature the event name and their title sponsor, ... [Read More]