Delivering The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever


It was four days before New Year's Eve 2020, and April Canlas Eddy was bored. She was looking for a way to energize her community and have fun with her neighbors, and in true pandemic form, she started baking her well-tested chocolate chip cookies.

"Last year was really hard, for everyone," says April. "I want to bring some joy to my network with my cookies, so I set up a simple, one-page website that connected to my Venmo so I could take payments." And thus, The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever was born.

That was the easy part.

Then April had to figure out how to get them out to the neighborhood, but in a safe, contactless way.

Enter the Magical Cookie Window.


"This part of the idea came together really fast over a few days," she says. "Once I got like 30 orders over two days after launching the store, I started decorating my second-floor window so I could drop a basket down to my pickup customers. I had some streamers and party supplies on hand, and I dressed up the window."

Check out their Instagram account @BestChocolateChipCookiesEver for some videos of the basket dropping and happy customers getting their cookies. It's a riot.

Now the Magical Cookie Window is a monthly phenomenon, and The Best Chocolate Cookies Ever is a Cottage Food Operation in California that serves a passionate local fan base through the Magical Cookie Window.


What's next for this brand-new business? For starters, Saturday, April 24 from 1pm - 3pm the Magical Cookie Window in Hermosa Beach will have a fresh new look. Otherwise, April has some things in the works. "We are in the process of re-designing our website to accept payments directly," says April. "We are also working on offering nationwide shipping, so we can share The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever with all of our favorite people across the United States. I am still trying to figure out how to box up the Magical Cookie Window experience for shipping, because let's be honest, that's like, at least 50% of the fun."