Puzzle Culture Sticker Sheets Create Moments of Delight


Photos by Dawn Walsh, founder of Puzzle Culture

Puzzle Culture was created by Dawn Walsh, an avid puzzler, lover of all things geek/nerd culture, as well as a fan of subscription boxes. Dawn felt she could combine the best of what she loved about these things into one experience. Once she started putting together her first box she realized she had so many ideas to elevate the experience around puzzling culture.

"Puzzles bring us together, either in real life around our tables or on social media as we share our puzzling journeys from opening the box to the satisfaction of placing the last piece," says Dawn. "I hope to make the puzzling experience just a little more special by creating exciting, new puzzles from amazing artwork that I know our audience will love."


Dawn Walsh, founder of Puzzle Culture

Dawn takes pride in being a Latina owned and run business, and Puzzle Culture strives to provide a gender neutral puzzle experience with both the artwork and the gifts they curate. "I want everyone to be able to identify with our boxes," Dawn says. "The subscription concept seemed like a very feminine dominated phenomenon, and I want to be able to have men (or any gender) to be able to receive these boxes and enjoy them. It's fun to get something in the mail, no matter what it is."

At the moment, the puzzle boxes are a quarterly subscription that brings a whole new jigsaw puzzle experience right to your door, with a unique 1000-piece puzzle that showcases independent artists' artwork. Also included are curated gifts are included to bring the puzzle art theme to life, including the sticker sheets you see here. There are past issues of the boxes available for purchase as well, and there's even a kid-themed box.

The sticker sheet has nine different peel offs, with eight puzzle piece characters having a great time. Then there is the Puzzle Culture logo peel off that helps bring the branding and business name onto the sheet. Whether it's the unicorn puzzle piece or the movie-going puzzle piece, all of these individual stickers on the sheet make for an enjoyable collection that can tell a story on their own.


Photos by Dawn Walsh, founder of Puzzle Culture

A subscription to Puzzle Box is more than just the puzzle itself, as Dawn seeks to highlight women artists and elevate the Latina network of independent creatives that she has been a part of her entire life through an intentional curation of useful and beautiful products. The Spring 2021 Box is titled "Bee Kind" and is themed around Earth Month, with a 1,000 piece puzzle featuring the King Bee. "All of our artists are unique and wonderful in their own way," says Dawn. "The King Bee art from Mari Corona brings together this whole set, which includes three reusable beeswax food wraps, a "Bee Food" wildflower seed packet from The Sister Bees, a reusable silicone straw from GoSili and a "Save the Bees" printed tissue packet from Boston International." Dawn hand selects each item for the boxes to enhance the puzzle experience, and the puzzle artwork comes to life as the puzzle builder snaps each piece together.

"Puzzles are relaxing, and I love the solo time," Dawn explains. "There's no screen involved, and you just use your brain differently."