Achieve Now Seeks To Improve Literacy Instruction


Achieve Now is a literacy non-profit dedicated to transforming the educational system in Philadelphia. They do this by incorporating evidence-based literacy instruction into Philadelphia schools that results in measurable improvements in grade-level reading.

Their mission is to bring all children to grade-level reading, and the vision is simple: that all students gain the basic skills necessary to succeed in school and life. Their overall goal is to move 6,000 students to grade-level reading by June 2022.

Mary Goble is the Director of Development, where she pursues new initiatives that empower young people through education. "While it might seem counterintuitive, our long-term goal is to no longer be needed," says Mary. "What we mean by that mission is that once we have significantly improved literacy rates in Philadelphia, we will take our proven methods to other communities to increase literacy rates for even more American schoolchildren. In that sense, we will always have work to do."

Achieve Now gathers feedback from teachers, administration, students, and volunteers through twice-yearly surveys, periodic interviews and regular meetings.

"Drawing upon a wide range of teaching methods and a diverse set of perspectives, we will craft coaching environments that nurture each student's particular learning style," Mary says. "Working closely with volunteers, schools, and community organizations, we strive to forge powerful partnerships that effect deep, lasting change in the students we join together to serve."

Sticker Sheets Create Literacy Connections

The die cut sticker sheet that they ordered is inspired by the Achieve Now curriculum and helps students make connections to the material. The sheet has seven different peel-offs, with their logo incorporate as a fill-in-the-blank featuring the word fun in all caps. Then there are the "learning friends," who are branded characters that help reinforce the literacy materials that students use, and provide the spark of creativity that's necessary for learning. "Each learning friend has a different personality, whether they are shy or have a growth mindset or another literacy component," says Goble. "We've found these in-classroom stickers engage our students in a variety of ways."