Tiffany Tan Started Apple Cheeks As A Creative Outlet For Her Illustration Business


Tiffany Tan is an illustrator, designer, and YouTuber with a strong passion of exploring new mediums and trying new things. She runs a shop called Apple Cheeks, which is a home to all the characters and creations in her mind. The goal is to create a place where you can feel happy and warm.

"My illustrations tend to be really playful with both colors and subjects," says Tiffany. "My work includes, but is not limited to, chubby animals, fruits with faces, and plants. As I evolve and grow as a 20 something, my work continues to shape with me."

Tiffany has had the entrepreneurial spirit since her early days due to her family.

"I think my young age, my dad had his own small business, and I think like just watching him pack orders growing up," she says. "I thought it was so cool that he was able to work from home all the time, so, then when I grew up I wanted to integrate my art with a business somehow because I felt like working for yourself was just so fun and being control of your own schedule and everything that goes with it."

When she's not design and recording videos, she likes to spend her free time exploring new places, journaling and tending to her plants.

She uses matte recycled paper labels for her packaging, and you can see her roll station setup in the photo above. She also has stickers available in various styles for add-ins with orders.

Check out a series of her YouTube videos where she's prepping her orders, unboxing her labels and starting to put together boxes for her customers. She clearly embraces her YouTube channel to increase engagement and build buzz with her customers.

"I think because of the pandemic a whole new wave of creators started on YouTube," she says. "There were many feeds that were into my artwork because people like looking at like what you're doing as an artist and how you make your ideas and inside-the-studio stuff like that."

Connect with Tiffany on her Instagram and her TikTok, where she's actively posting and engaging with her fans.