Announcing Custom Paper Labels at StickerGiant!


Paper Labels have arrived in the StickerGiant lineup, and we are excited to bring you this new offering with three different materials for your products.

Now you can choose from Glossy Paper Labels, with Matte Recycled Paper Labels on their way soon! All of these custom paper labels can be printed with your custom designs.

Glossy Paper Labels will be printed on a paper material with a glossy finish, and printed in full color and finished with a UV cured varnish for a long lasting application in nearly any indoor setting. This product will be perfect for a wide variety of food and beverage products that will be stored in indoors, such as specialty sauces and pre-packaged foods.

Paper Labels printed on the Matte Recycled White Paper will be printed with full color on a 100% recycled vellum material, and will have a smooth matte finish. For products or consumables such as delicious treats from a bakery, these products will be great for highlighting any bright colors in your designs on a clean white material.

Paper Labels will be an economical option for your packaging needs, and will have a pressure sensitive adhesive for easy application on a wide variety of surfaces. With full color printing and free custom shapes in the sizes you need up to 11x14 inches, your Paper Labels can match your brand, and be the perfect shape for your product sizes and packaging needs. These labels will be finished on a roll and will be easy to apply by hand or with a label application machine.

Our Paper Labels on Matte White materials will be printed on a recycled material. Matte White Paper will have a matte appearance for a low glare finish to compliment your product packaging.