Bike Monkey

Bike Monkey has their paws in a lot of cyclery pies. You know, if one could (or would?) make a pie out of a bicycle. There’s a magazine, a movie, races for charity, cute tshirts, and of course some awesome stickers (ahem). Oh, and that Levi Leipheimer guy? Yeah, they’ve got their furry mitts on him, too.

We are a production company based in Santa Rosa, California that publishes a quarterly magazine and produces high quality cycling events. We are responsible for Levi Leipheimer’s King Ridge GranFondo as well as the re-introduction of mountain bike racing at Annadel State Park. We have a dedicated and hard-working full-time staff of five people and an expanded event staff of over 30 individuals.

Monkey! MONKEY! Why is the word itself so much fun? Add a bicycle and we’re pretty much guaranteed to enter orbit on giggles alone. Since the invention of the cymbals monkey, we’ve found the antics of our primate brethren to be nothing short of hilarious, no matter what they do. Even those loud-mouthed howlers are cute! But the monkey thing for which we will not stand is card sharking. Come on, monkeys, have a little self-respect. Reinforce your long-standing place in childhood playrooms. Or stick with goofing around and teasing the bullies of the jungle.